Sunday, April 5, 2009

Logan here

This was an awesome weekend for me, I had a crap ton of fun with some good friends like usual. On the topic of creepers, I can see where your coming from Jenna. Not this weekend but the last I had a creeper. I made the mistake of having a pitty dance with her, and it led to a ngiht of following me around. I even managed to ditch the girl a couple times, but she found me again! I may have been a lil bit intoxicated and gave her false intentions, but I thought the blatent ditch would have been a clue? I guess not. I am not saying that im innocent in the whoel creeper thing my self. I do not go to the extreme of bugging the girl until she pittifully dances with me, but i will admit that i do randomly go dance with people sometimes. Its all in good fun though, you never know you may meet a really cool chick that way. I enjoy the bars, but its prob not so bad for guys as it is girls. at Calis on Saturday, my friend and my self went a little bit earlier then usual and there was a group of girls alone on the dance floor. We went up and danced with them, and it led to everyone moving up to the dance floor and it getting packed. I wish Calis had fans haha It gets so hot in their when everyone is running around going crazy. I love going seeing some cool people having some crazy story to talk about with your friends the next day, or even try and piece the night together and figure stuff out. I Believe that the song that is about college life is true, and I agree i would like to stay here forever. The area around here and the people i know are awesome. I believe coming to Carbondale was probably the best choice i ever made.


  1. myself is one word bud.
    hope this gets you a point.

  2. Thats so true. Sometimes there are some serious creepers while were out. Stix definitely has a few that are always running around chasing girls. Its pretty sick. But, its true that girls aren't the only victims. Some girls are absolutely crazy when Im out. It all just ads up for a funny story the next day though-Natalie Miceli

  3. Ahhh...Creepers in Carbondale DEFINITELY!!!! I was going to the liquor store by stix this weekend and some guy came out from a scary alley and walked up to my car when I was by myself and approached me making a discusting sexual comment. I grabbed my mase got in my car and hit reverse as fast as I could! -Ashley Kardynalski